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Perfect Peace

You will keep in perfect peace all who trust in you, all whose thoughts are fixed on you! -- Isaiah 26:3

Perfect peace comes from the Lord. As we contemplate Christ and His work in our lives, we can expect the peace God promised. Spend some time focusing on just what Christ has accomplished in you. Thank Him for the changes in your heart and miracles you have experienced. Once you have noticed just a few of the things Christ has done, ask the Spirit to continually remind you of His works in your life. These recollections are especially helpful when we are going through difficult times. We are encouraged to look at so many things other than Christ. In doing so, we are robbed of our peace. Christian messages often point us to the greatness of a ministry or particular good works. Sometimes we are directed to cherish certain doctrines or styles of worship. Some messages actually point us mostly to the minister, their knowledge, passion, or piety. Should we call these types of messages "Christian" if they invite us to glorify anything less than our Savior? Up until the time had “come for the Son of Man to enter into his glory,” everything Christ did resulted in the witnesses wanting to praise God alone. Christian messages, in their many forms, should move us to the same kind of response, praise and adoration towards God in all forms.If we want the peace of God, we should seek to trust and fix our thoughts on Him in our daily lives. We should also be selective about what kind of "Christian" messages we submit to. Those messages that point us to Christ are the ones that will guide us to the peace we seek. If we ask, the Holy Spirit will continually remind us to keep our thoughts on the Lord.

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